Holywood Baptist Church & World Mission

HBC is fully committed to fulfilling our Lord’s “Great Commission” as set out in Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18; Luke 24:46-49; John 20:21 and Acts 1:8.
As part of our commitment, HBC partners in prayer, practical fellowship and appropriate financial support with a number of Christian ministries and workers who are involved in missionary outreach, “at home or abroad”, outside the regular corporate life of the church.


“Mission Partners”

These are individual church members who have been accepted by the church for such support.
Present Mission Partners are:
Mark Grant-Jones (Army Chaplain) www.army.mod.uk/chaplains/chaplains.aspx
Leanne Dunlop (Scripture Union – Bangor schools worker) www.suni.co.uk
Walter Maguire (LIFT, treasurer) www.liftni.org


“Adopted Mission Partners”

These are associated with the church but not members. Because of our fellowship in the gospel the church has decided to join in partnership with them in their ministry.
Present Adopted Mission Partners are:
Amy McGuffog (Youth Worker, All Souls Club House, Central London) www.clubhousew1.org
Angie Minion (The Big House)    www.thebighouse.org.uk


“Short-term Mission-Partners”

The church also partners with members, or others associated with the church, who engage in short-term mission activity – usually, but not exclusively, during the Summer.


“Partner Churches”

HBC seeks to foster practical mutual fellowship links with a number of evangelical churches in Europe.
Present Partner Churches are:
La Garenne-Colombe Evangelical Protestant Church, Paris, France www.epe-garenne.org
Two Evangelical Baptist Churches associated with (Irish) Baptist Missions in Algeciras, Spain   www.ibaptistmissions.org

If you wish to view the full Missions Policy it can be downloaded here.