Freezer Ministry

Serving and supporting our Church family, and beyond, through providing free meals in times of need.

The freezer ministry is a really important, and pretty unique ministry in our Church. It is a really simple concept that has had great far-reaching benefits, and has provided many opportunities to show, practically, the love of God to those outside our Church.

At it's core the Freezer Ministry is essentially a team of people in our Church family who prepare really good food which can be frozen and kept as a part of a stock of 'ready meals' that can be signed out by any member of the freezer ministry team or by someone from our Church family to take to give to a friend, family member or someone they know who would benefit from it.

Often it is a real blessing for people who have just come home from hospital, who have recently had a baby, who have suffered a bereavement or who are simply feeling stretched at this point in their life to have the added pressure of preparing and cooking meals taken off their list of things to do.

The freezer ministry includes several different varieties of savoury meals as well as a number of desserts, tray bakes and scones.

If you would like to know more about the Freezer Ministry please speak to one of the team or Roberta Armstrong.