I Don't Want to 

If you are walking the journey of the Christian life and it isn’t always easy i.e. you are a Christian who is a human being, then you will probably have had this experience. You come to a time when you know you should worship. Maybe it is your quiet time, going to church or prayer meeting or some other way of worship. And you don’t want to. You perfectly well could go but your heart would rather do anything else. And you manage to persuade yourself that it would be better not to worship since your heart isn’t in the right place. So you don’t do it.

I’ve done that and it is absurd.

Imagine pondering going to the gym and thinking ‘Well I’m a bit overweight, I’ve eaten too much junk food, my body isn’t really in the right place right now, I’d really be better not going.’ Or ‘My car is a mess, the brakes are soft, the indicators aren’t working, I couldn’t possibly bring it to the mechanic like that! I’ll wait until it is a bit better and then I’ll go.’

Absurd. It is precisely because you have those chicken wings and love handles that you need to go the gym. It is because your car drives like a one legged elephant on drugs that you need to get to the mechanic. That is where those things are resolved.

It is the same with our hearts and worship. We don’t come to worship because we have it all together and God will be so pleased with what we have to say. Worship is coming acknowledging that we are empty and longing to be filled up. We don’t come saying ‘Look how together I am!’ Rather we say ‘I am broken, fix me please;’

Worship is not merely us broadcasting our love for God. Worship is about getting our hearts tuned to the right frequency so that we have something to put on the air.

The next time you tell yourself that you aren’t in the right place for worship; don’t believe yourself. Tell yourself that you know you aren’t in the right place and that’s precisely why you need to go there. 

Aaron* Williamson, 19/09/2017
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